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How We Work

The success of Dr. Majdi El Halik Pediatric Physical and Mental Rehabilitation Centre is dependent on our ability:

  • To improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities.
  • To foster teams of uniquely talented individuals dedicated to our proud tradition of community service.
  • To promote a culture of individual pride in delivering service excellence to each patient visiting the Center.
  • To promote excellence through education, research, advocacy, and service innovation.
  • To maintain a quality environment for both patients and staff.
  • To continuously redefine our approach to service delivery in order to meet the challenges of change in the external environment.


  1. Our patients come first.
  2. We work for the community.
  3. We do everything with:
    • Respect
    • Dignity
    • Sensitivity
    • Trust
  4. We will be experts at our jobs.
  5. Education and research are important to excellent patient care.

You make us better
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Recent Posts

My experience with Dr. Majdi’s clinic is superb. They have outstanding services in Physical, Occupational , and Speech therapy that my child has benefited from since the age of 4 months. She has advanced a lot. Thanks to God and second to them . I have been to the best hospitals in Boston, USA and still their services are better than those in the USA. The staffs are very friendly, attentive and follow-up regularly as well as getting follow-up reports regularly without asking. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Fatma's Mother


We are very happy with Amal’s progress so far. It’s intense, she gets tired, but worth it!!! She is more active, explores more, and interacts with people. We are very positive; we feel this treatment is what she needs. All the therapists are nice with her. We see Amal is improving every day. Thank you!

Amal's Mother


We are very satisfied with Dr. Majdi El Halik Centre, from the reception and all the secretaries, we are lucky for being their client. They greeted us well, they are all generous and with respect for everybody. And with regards to all the therapists they are all excellent. The same with Dr. Majdi El Halik, he is really kind and we feel his love for his every patient like us.

Haithm's Mother


Hamza was checked by Dr. Majdi El Halik on February 20, 2014 where he gave us the hope after being disappointed from other doctor’s approach. However, we have started Physical Therapy with rate of three times weekly (each time two hours) from September 14 from this date Hamza got drastic improvement as he was unable to stand alone, walk, turn. etc. Now, Alhamdulillah Hamza is walking without help or support and stands alone close to normal. My opinion is other than the professional way and skilled staff, all employees transferring the hope to parents, which is reflected positively on the progress for patients. I appreciate and thanks to Dr. Majdi El Halik and all friendly staff.

Hamza's Mother


Amna showed much improvement in her behavior and confidence with herself. She enjoyed her time in the clinic and became more aware of her ability to walk and stand for a longer period.

Amna's Mother


Dr. Majdi El Halik and his entire team of staff and therapists went out of their way to make our stay as easy as possible and accommodate our needs. I would recommend this center to anyone who needs therapy or intervention. They are all very professional, courteous and friendly. I would like to thank everyone who’s involved with Talia’s treatment especially Dr. Majdi El Halik.

Talia's Mother


We selected Dr. Majdi’s Clinic after detailed research on available facilities in Dubai, and getting many recommendation. We are thoroughly satisfied with quality of treatment, with particular focus on the following: 1. Experience of healthcare Professionals 2. Personal care 3. Quality of interaction and understanding 4. Health and hygiene. I would thoroughly recommend your facility.

Ayesha's Father


This good center which I thank your team, takes higher responsibility of care for my son Hassan. The treatment is in a professional way, my son walked after 6 months and he got a lot of changes.

Hassan's Father


We are very happy with the treatment and we see improvement in our daughter’s behavior so surely we recommend this center to other parents. With this opportunity we want to thank all staff for hard work.

Alisia's Mother


My wife and I are glad to have found this rehabilitation center. Jax has been doing therapy in the past but has never been better like he is now. Advance facilities and techniques coupled with professional and caring staff result to superb treatment experience for your patients and to their parents.

Jax's Father


Our treatment experience at your clinic is truly recommended to other children suffering from any developmental delays and other illness needing rehabilitation. We have seen improvements since we started the session- she’s in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. When she started she has zero head control and very sensitive to touch and not cooperating with the therapists. Now she can hold her head for few seconds without holding or support, her swelling in the feet has lessen too, she’s tolerating tactile stimulus and less irritable to oral motor exercises. The staff and therapists are very accommodating and friendly.

Maryam's Mother


Dr. Majdi El Halik Centre is a state of the art rehabilitation Centre. Everything is done to perfection- from the facilities, staff and equipment. What makes the center complete is Dr. Majdi is one of a kind- the way he deals with his patients is remarkable. I would highly advice Dr. Majdi El Halik Centre. Our kids are in good hands and excellency in everything.

Jenna’s Mother